Product Introduction

Patients leave the hospital management area due to memory decline, cognitive impairment, high emotional fluctuations, or conscious avoidance of hospital management personnel. The hospital environment is relatively complex, with multiple channels that can leave the ward and are left unattended. There are no restrictions or management on the entry and exit of patients and their families. During the lunch break period, nursing staff are less likely to neglect, and patients are less likely to be detected when leaving the ward. The morning phase is the shift handover period, which makes it easy for patients to leave the ward. These situations require medical staff to put in a lot of manpower and energy for patient management, It is also easy to have disputes and arguments. Once a patient is lost or an unexpected situation occurs, the hospital must bear the pressure from family members and public opinion, which has a significant impact on the hospital's management and economy.

The Patient loss prevention system is based on The Ocamar OneNet Unlimited®medical dedicated wireless IoT platform and medical positioning design.By using IR+LF+UHF positioning technology, room level positioning accuracy is achieved. The system monitors the walking trajectory and dwell time throughout the entire process on a patient basis, and is linked to the installation of surveillance videos at the entrance. When patients approach locations such as entrances or restricted entry areas, an alarm prompt is issued. Reduce nursing workload for medical staff and improve hospital service level.

昂科患者防走失Product Introduction

Reference model:PLMS V2.0

Technical advantages

· Room level positioning accuracy;

· The bracelet adopts an anti disassembly design;

· The system is linked with security monitoring, and abnormal situations can be accessed through monitoring videos;

· Comprehensive monitoring of key information such as the patient's movement trajectory and residence time;

· Long standby time, 3 years without battery replacement;

· Designed according to ergonomic principles, comfortable and safe to wear.

System software

昂科患者防走失system software